Who We Are

Deviancy in law & mastery in play: deviant legal

Deviant Legal is the premier full-service law firm for the video games, esports & content creation industry. Our professionals combine their legal expertise with a passionate heart for games to provide high quality advice that takes the industry further. We are industry ally who will aid you in identifying and weighing both legal risks and opportunities and translate these in an approach which works best for you.

At Deviant Legal, we aim to make legal services accessible to everyone. With that, we do not only mean that our services should be accessible regardless of background or budget. We also believe in the importance of being approachable and down-to-earth to lower the threshold of reaching out to legal experts. We champion diversity & inclusion while we simultaneously encourage our team to remain authentic as well.

What makes Deviant Legal even more unique is that we are a remote-first law firm. We transcend the same geographical boundaries as our beloved industry. This allows us to seamlessly connect with clients and team members worldwide. With our network of remote professionals, we are easily able to adapt to the needs of our clients and to scale whenever needed. For our clients, this also reduces overhead costs, thus lowering the bill at the same time.

Our deviant and forward-thinking approach has also garnered attention from companies in industries close to the games industry, such as the (interactive) entertainment, technology and creative industries.

How we work


Deviant Legal

We offer targeted legal services when you need them. Choose our on-demand counsel and pay only for services you need and when you need them, eliminating ongoing financial commitments. Our flexible pricing adapts to your needs, granting access to premier legal expertise and allowing for precise control over legal costs.


Deviant Legal projects

Master compliance with us at the helm. Our experts assess and interpret new regulations to ensure your business adheres to the latest standards. By optimizing compliance procedures and equipping your team with essential knowledge, we position your business for confident growth and a focused operational strategy.


Deviant legal counsel service

Our unique solution where you can outsource (a part of) your legal department to us. Our legal counsel services offers a retainer model for businesses seeking to access specialized legal expertise without the overhead of growing your in-house legal team. This model is especially valued by companies with a consistent need for legal expertise without an own legal department or international companies without a dedicated legal in-house counsel for Dutch or European laws.


What our clients say

Luciënne van Bokhorst
Luciënne van Bokhorst
Global Influencer Manager
Gearbox Publishing

"I have had the pleasure of collaborating closely with René at Gearbox Publishing. He has been an invaluable resource in navigating and executing influencer contracts, showcasing a deep understanding of the intricacies involved in such agreements.

René exhibits a remarkable attention to detail and a thoroughness that ensures every contract is meticulously reviewed and optimized for our needs. He demonstrates not only a comprehensive grasp of legal nuances and the video games industry, but also an ability to communicate complex legal concepts in a clear and understandable manner, making it easier for me to grasp key points and implications.

Beyond his impressive expertise in contract law, René is an exceptional team player. He is always ready to lend a helping hand, providing guidance and support whenever needed, even outside of work related tasks.

René consistently goes above and beyond in delivering high-quality work and is a reliable, approachable, and valuable asset. I wholeheartedly recommend him for his outstanding professionalism, expertise, and commitment to excellence in handling influencer contracts and other legal matters."

Donny Stumpel of Next Level Esports
Donny Stumpel
Next Level Esports

"René Otto stands out like a skyscraper in a field of grass alone. Why René stands out is because you know him from the esports community, his involvement, and his caring. Before working with him, you already know he will do his best and can help you with what you need. Because you've interacted with him on different occasions that are not only business related to being a lawyer. Because of this, he is a very likable person that you gladly want to do business with him. Next to a great and trustworthy businessman, he is also very sociable in the community. Knowing René, he is about providing and giving value first without asking for anything in return. He is for many a helping hand and always a positive frequency in any room. However, he is not a one-man army. He knows exactly when to call in help from other colleagues. Not because he cannot help you but delegate work to others, so his clients (me) won't have to pay the top price for work for someone that is just as eligible to do that work. This clearly shows that René is there for YOU, not only your problem or challenge or the paycheck at the end. This only builds more trust and credibility for him as a person. I recommend anyone in my esports circle to work with him because I know it will be an excellent service in all aspects you want and need."

Willem Hilhorst of Dutch Institute of Sound & Vision
Willem Hilhorst
Media Manager Games
Dutch Institute for Sound and Vision

"René has been one of the most professional and helpful people I've had the pleasure of working with in the Games Industry. His communication is clear and responsive, making legal matters come across as far more accessible than they may first seem to appear. His availability and intuition made me feel comfortable when I had to admit that I did not understand a particular type of legal phrasing. Whether it was asking him to be a second set of eyes or providing feedback on important documentation, I knew that when given the opportunity I'd work with René again in a heartbeat. His personal passion and understanding of the games and interactive industry helps to put certain issues and wordings in context. Which in turn leads to better work, documentation and above all a sense of clarity whereas elsewhere I felt bogged down in the mire of legal works and wordings.
Simply put: If you are active in the games industry René isn't just a helpful legal advisor. He is THE guy to call. Period."

Joni van der Leeuw
Business developer & producer
That's Joni's Business

"Through my work as a business developer in the games industry, I've gotten to know René as an excellent lawyer: quick, to the point, thorough, and always with the client's interest at heart. He's helped me and my clients figure out the legal snags in contracts that could have had major implications if they weren't spotted. As a result, he has enabled us to cut deals confidently, and on a basis of mutual trust with the parties on the other side of the table, which is a super important condition for fruitful collaborations. Next to that, he's an all-around great person, with a sincere passion for games, a friendly and approachable attitude, and with his heart in the right place - stuff that matters, in my book at least!"

Tomas Sala
BAFTA nominated independent developer

"I had the pleasure of having René as my legal counsel with regards to a publishing deal. I have found his advice and counsel extremely useful in both negotiations and gauging the value and pitfalls of finalizing a publishing contract. I can certainly recommend having René at your side as an independent games developer."

Stephen James
Global Partnership & Influencer Manager
Cooler Master

"René helped us build out our new influencer contract and was a joy to work with. We got exactly what we needed and he was incredibly responsive to our comments. His knowledge of the gaming space made for the conversation to flow easily and he had no issue understanding our unique demands for live streaming platforms. would happily work with René again."

The Team

Meet our Lawyers

In addition to our core  team, we work with a flexible team of carefully selected (freelance) lawyers to provide an efficient and suitable solution and to adapt to your needs. This also allows us to scale up if required.