About René

René Otto is considered by many to be the leading video game lawyer in the Netherlands. He acts as a trusted legal advisor for over 250 developers, publishers and esports companies. Considering his unique knowledge on the legal aspects of the video games and esports industry, he is frequently invited to speak on international events and as a guest lecturer at Breda University of Applied Sciences (BUas). Because the well-being of the video game industry is close to his heart, René has frequently committed himself to represent the Dutch industry on a national level on topics such as the regulation of loot boxes and the evaluation of the Dutch Copyright Act. In addition to his legal work, René tries to contribute to the games industry in several other capacities, including as a board member of Breda Game City and as an ambassador for Women in Games. René always tries to use his extensive network of contacts to create opportunities for people in the industry.

How can René help you?

René is able to help you with drafting and reviewing all commercial contracts relevant to the games & esports industry. This includes agreements about video game publishing, (development) outsourcing, licensing, EULA's, investments, sponsorships and all other commercial opportunities. With his knowledge of intellectual property laws, he is also able to assist you with protecting your game and other valuable creations. Lastly, René is an expert in Dutch employment laws and can help you navigate the rather complex system of employment regulations in the Netherlands. Essentially, the rule of thumb is that if it is a legal matter concerning your game or the team that is making it happen, René is the person to go to.


Next Generation Partner - LEGAL 500: Media & Entertainment (2023 & 2024)

Best Young Talent - SDU Gouden Zandloper Awards (2021)

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Esports Industry Ambassador Award - Hammer Awards (2022)

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Gamesindustry.biz Global Game Changer (2021)

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Gamechanger of 2019 - Game Bakery Awards (2020)

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