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Deviant Legal is the premier full-service law firm for the video games, esports & content creation industry. Our professionals combine their legal expertise with a passionate heart for games to provide high quality advice that takes the industry further. We are industry ally who will aid you in identifying and weighing both legal risks and opportunities and translate these in an approach which works best for you.

At Deviant Legal, we aim to make legal services accessible to everyone. With that, we do not only mean that our services should be accessible regardless of background or budget. We also believe in the importance of being approachable and down-to-earth to lower the threshold of reaching out to legal experts. We champion diversity & inclusion while we simultaneously encourage our team to remain authentic as well.

What makes Deviant Legal even more unique is that we are a remote-first law firm. We transcend the same geographical boundaries as our beloved industry. This allows us to seamlessly connect with clients and team members worldwide. With our network of remote professionals, we are easily able to adapt to the needs of our clients and to scale whenever needed. For our clients, this also reduces overhead costs, thus lowering the bill at the same time.

Our deviant and forward-thinking approach has also garnered attention from companies in industries close to the games industry, such as the (interactive) entertainment, technology and creative industries.

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